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Whether you just want fluffy to stop barking at people on a walk………or would like Max to go for a 2 week off leash obedience boot camp……….or want to kick off on the right foot with your first Search or Personal Protection dog…….WE ARE ALL ABOUT THE DOGS

How we help

Private Sessions.

Starting at $99 an hour or choose one of our packages containing 4-8 weeks of curriculum.

Group Classes.

Join one of our 6 week programs starting at $125 or become a member of the monthly EIK9 family and have the option to jump in on all our weekly classes with any of your pooches starting at $249 a month.

Board and Train.

No free time?? Going on vacation and want Fido to learn a thing or two when your gone? Enroll in one of our board and train programs to achieve basic obedience on or off leash, rehab aggressive behaviors or annoying potty training issues, or finally get prepped for an IPO title or certification. These run from 3 days up and start at $599.

Workshops and Events. 

Keep an eye out for our human only and k9 and human workshops and events. From an in-depth Canine Good Citizen or Therapy dog prep seminar to a beginning nosework workshop or fun hiking event in the Catskills keep us in your datebook.


Our method is unique to each canine and family we are training but our philosophy remains the same, you must have a FOUNDATION laid so your dog understands what you want, you must COMMUNICATE effectively to your dog and keep it CONSISTENT.  You must RESPECT your dog and you must require the same RESPECT. It is not enough to just coexist with your dog, you must achieve the ultimate relationship with him rooted in TRUST. The canine species has so much to offer us and they ask for little in return, doesn’t your dog deserve to have the best chance at a balanced life?

Contact us today and let us show you how to have fun with your dog again!!!

Balanced, certified, professional dog training rooted in Trust, Respect and Communication.

I do not whisper I translate. 

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