Producing the TOTAL DOG whether for Police, Sport, Search and Rescue, or Family Companion.
Get Started with your own vom Kugelblitz K9

Puppies, Green dogs, Trained dogs available.

Specializing in German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois.


I have been in dogs for over 15 years, and have been a K9 handler for the past 10 years. I currently handle a Dual Purpose Police K9 and multiple SAR K9's. I have bred, trained, certified, and worked Trailing, Airscent, Cadaver, Bed Bug, Narcotics, Security, Therapy, Police, and Sport dogs. I have competed and titled in IPO/SchH and AKC events such as Dock Diving, Agility, Rally, Obedience and more. I am a certified decoy and have had the ability to work hundreds of dogs of every breed. I have had the opportunity to train with some amazing trainers over the last 15 years and continue to expand my knowledge daily. We are a quality over quantity mentality and our dogs speak for themselves. Our dogs live on our 13 Acre Ranch and are worked daily in a multitude of venues. 

  • German Shepherd Puppies

  • Belgian Malinois Puppies

  • Started and Trained Dogs

  • Pet Dog Training

  • Service Dog Training

  • Therapy Dog Training

  • Personal Protection Training

  • ​Police Dog Training

  • Search and Rescue

  • ​Seminars

  • Security​ K9's For Hire

  • ​Detection K9's For Hire

  • ​and more!


Your next K9 partner is as important to you as he is to us. Our dogs are out there daily tracking criminals, biting the bad guys, finding missing children, protecting homes, and being fantastic family pets while maintaining the health and function of the breed.

Our breeding program is rooted in our personal knowledge of the working dog. We do not just purchase already titled dogs and breed for profit. As a Police K9 Handler, SAR K9 Handler, Detection K9 Handler and competitor in IPO, PSA, AKC and more, we are able to provide first hand experience in what makes a good dog in virtually any venue. You are not only purchasing a well bred dog that we stand behind 100%, you are also getting a friend and mentor for life. 

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