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Breeding Program

Vom Kugelblitz breeding program produces some of the best dogs here

in the USA.

We breed for the total dog, focusing on Health, Temperament,

Function and Form.

Our breeding program is rooted in Jennifer's knowledge of the working dog.

She does not just purchase already titled dogs and breed for profit, she keeps, raises and

works Vom Kugelblitz pups for the next generation.


As a Police K9 Handler, SAR K9 Handler, Detection K9 Handler and

competitor in IPO, PSA, AKC and more,

Jennifer is able to provide firsthand experience in what makes a good dog in virtually any venue.

You are not only purchasing a well bred dog that we stand behind 100%,

you are also getting a friend and mentor for life.

Vom Kugelblitz dogs are excellent family companions and working K9s. 

They are easily trainable, bred to breed standard, and healthy

so you are assured a long healthy life with your new companion.


We will not sell a dog we would not work or raise ourselves!

You will see that we keep offspring from all our litters, whether in home or in guardian working families.

Vom Kugelblitz is one of the few kennels in the USA that breeds for our next dog,

offering the same quality pups to families and working homes.

"Your next K9 partner is as important to you as he is to us. Our dogs are out there daily tracking criminals, biting the bad guys, finding missing children, protecting homes, and being fantastic family pets while maintaining the health and function of the breed. " - Jennifer Gambino

Please visit our Facebook and Instagram to see daily pictures of our dogs and puppies.

Puppy Program

Vom Kugelblitz primary goal is to continue producing the total dog, for work or play.

All of our litters are raised in our home and are born right in our bedroom.

Training starts from day one for our superstars to ensure that you receive a well balanced,

sound puppy regardless if you are adding a family companion to your home or a dog

who will be worked as a Police K9 or competition dog.

Litters start their training at 3 days old where they begin our Bio-Sensor program.

For more in-depth information on the bio-sensor program please see here.

From days 3-18 our pups are handled daily and put through the stressors of the Bio-Sensor program to help build off our superior genetics. Our pups are exposed to many visual and auditory sensors throughout the first few critical weeks in the whelping box. 

From 3-5 weeks our pups are moved into the Family room/Kitchen area where they are exposed to the daily life environment of a busy bustling house. The weaning process has started and they are enjoying meals of goat’s milk and raw meat 4 times a day with occasional visits from mom for nursing. We believe continued nursing periodically by mom helps to keep a good healthy immune system developing. Before and during meal times, the pups are exposed to different obstacles and auditory stimulation such as loud noises, trains, shooting, bells and dogs barking. They are taught to navigate obstacles and begin to use their nose to find the bowl of food. Pups are introduced to litter training starting at 3 weeks. This allows us to continue the clean vs. dirty precedence that our mothers instill. We have pups 99% potty trained using this method by 5 weeks old. They get multiple daily romps around the house to encourage exploring and interaction with other adult dogs.

When the pups are about five weeks old we introduce our larger play area for them to live in. This area has full time obstacles, fun gym, and experiences for them even when we are not home! The pups are also introduced to crate training in short spurts and have many fun trips outside depending on the weather. We have multiple puppy parties between the 5-8 week mark allowing more than 70 plus visitors to come help socialize. While there is always a health risk bringing in people we believe the exposure and socialization far outweighs the risk and we have protocols in place to keep the pups safe with visitors. The pups are introduced to the other animals on our Ranch and get to meet rabbits, cats, chickens, ducks and more. We start all pups on lure obedience so when they go home they already know how to sit, lie down, come to the puppy call, and heel. With such a head start on obedience, house training, crate training and socialization we ensure a solid foundation is laid down for you as the new owner, saving you time and hassle!  We apply many of the Puppy Culture facets to our puppy raising, more information about Puppy Culture can be located here.

Any pup who is slated to go to a working home is introduced to appropriate odors and working behavior. We have a large number of pups who are successfully working for State, County and local police departments all over the USA as well as Urban Search and Rescue, FEMA, Wilderness Search and Rescue teams, private detection, and every and any sport including IGP, PSA, AKC obedience, agility and nose work!

Pups that remain after 8 weeks are entered into our Green, started or finish dog programs. Many potential owners prefer to purchase a puppy and have us raise and train to their needs allow them to plan, budget, and pay in installments the new, trained addition to their family. We also have older puppies and adults at various stages of training.


Please check out our Available dogs page here. 

"Raw Diet"

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 11.38.02
Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 4.30.53 PM.png

Diet is a crucial part of raises a

well bred dog. Vom Kugelblitz feeds their pups nothing but the freshest, whole, raw ingredients. 

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