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Vom Kugelblitz Kennels

Breeding and training for professionals and families.

vom Kugelblitz Kennels is a full service kennel offering the top bloodlines in the world. We breed German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd for work and for family companions. We breed only health tested, titled, certified and proven working dogs. Our dogs are the best in the industry and can be found all over the Country working as dual purpose police k9s, wilderness search and rescue k9s, FEMA disaster k9s, detection dogs, participating in sports such as dock diving, PSA, Schutzhund, AKC obedience, working as estate and executive protection dogs and as wonderful family companions.

We offer puppies, green dogs and fully trained dogs.

If we do not have what your looking for on site we can import and train any breed of dog for your needs.

Call or email us for your custom quote.

Why a protection dog?

Because criminals are not deterred by a gun until it's too late.

Or instant nonlethal defense. 

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The need for protection dogs has grown over 60% in the last few years and that number will continue to increase. With gun laws becoming more stringent and crime rates on the rise the need for a well trained K9 is unlike ever before.Straight from the criminals mouth “barking dogs and CCTV are the biggest deterrents” in burglaries. What other option to keep your home and family safe then mans best friend?

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vom Kugelblitz K9s are bred, raised and trained by Police K9 handlers who work the street, unlike any other company in the world. You will find our dogs working all over the country.


We at VKBK are 100% committed to producing and training top quality K9s for executive protection, police, Search and Rescue and detection. We are run by Police K9 handlers who work dogs on the street and know what you need in your next K9 partner whether for work or home. We are committed to providing incredible dogs who are not only intelligent, driven, healthy and fearless but are easy on the eyes. Trust that your family will be safe with a VKBK K9 by their side.

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